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Event Overview / What you'll do on the day

Time Saving Tools

It used to cost thousands of pounds and several hours to put up a website, do a lead capture form and have a follow up sequence that actually converted… yet alone remember how to do it all for next time! Now we can do that in minutes and for virtually nothing. We’ll show you which tools to use, how and when to use them… and you can start straight away!

Release Your Blocks

Do you feel like you’re stuck on railroad tracks, a 9-5 rut in a physical office… making just enough money to survive? It’s time to get out of your own way, spot the blocks that have been invisible up to now, and engage the flow you deserve.

Clarify Your Vision

If your vision is 6 or 12 months ahead, it’s affecting what’s possible for you today. When you start to think ahead 10, 20, 50 years (and even knowing to think ahead) allows you to see what’s truly possible for your life. We help you clarify your long term vision, so that what you to do now and the results you receive now change, starting right now!

Meet The Masters

Why play tic, tac, toe when you can play PlayStation? We’re bringing together masters in their field who are keen to share their wisdom with you. This is a day of masterminding with people who have been where you have been and understand what is truly possible for them, so you can model it for yourself. Do you think you might like that?

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WHAT IS FRESH FLOW? / Don't scroll down, let's connect for a sec


It’s Simon and I’d like to take a few seconds to connect a little.

Do you suffer from information overwhelm? Do you know people who are constantly saying, “I don’t have time, I’m busy, I can’t talk to you right now, I’ll do it later.“? Not you right 😉 ?

Do you know Why?

I think it’s because most people don’t prioritise their time right. Putting it bluntly, their schedule is likely full of low priority, low value things which just makes them look busy. Most people are just trying to make a living, trying to get through it all. Surviving (at best), rather than thriving.

However, have you considered that being busy is actually stopping what the universe is trying to give you? Sometimes, doing what you think is “smart” is in actual fact really “dumb” !

I know I’ve had that experience more than once.. Hindsight is great isn’t it.

Do you have a vision for you life? And I don’t mean tomorrow or next month, or even 3, 6 months ahead. I mean for the next 12, 15, 20 or 100 years?

Most people have a tiny vision as they’re scared to fail.

If someone’s target is to make say £100 in next 12 month, then may succeed and even if they did – well they’re not really living at anywhere near their full potential.

Maybe their hiding out in fear.. ? Again.. not us right..

Here’s another question..

Do you ever feel like you can’t keep up with the amount of new information and technology that’s coming at you? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the list goes on and on. And you play at it even while you know that you don’t how to use these tools optimally,

Do you get this sense that you’re just not seeing the invisible, that you’re walking around in the dark? Have you considered that you’re falling for the propaganda, the marketing, the bluff, the assumptions, not seeing what’s right in front of your face?

I know, enough right!?

If this sounds like you, this one award winning exclusive and unique interactive experience may be just what you’re looking for. We’re going to show you some stuff you don’t know, connect you with people you likely haven’t met (or not this way before) so that you can can get inner and outer value which you can leverage for your life and your business — NOW!

FreshFlow™ is for you if:

You’re curious about what might be really possible for yourself and your life.

You’re interested in growing your business and growing as an entrepreneur.

You want to learn to masterly surf the flow that’s coming even better

Know that GREAT Joint Ventures and Strategic Collaborations could help you.

You think there may be something else out there for you — you just can’t see it yet!

Here’s some great news..

Most people are not optimally structured for success so they can actually have what they want, share what they want to share..

..let alone to receive what they deserve to receive.

It’s not their fault. And if you find yourself thinking maybe me..

Know it’s not your fault either..

You’ve just picked up bad habits, poor form, from people who were hopefully “trying” to help you.

No one took the stand to show you what was really possible not for a random someone but for you.. until now.

You may have got the knowledge for your particular domain, now it’s time to get the wisdom. We are opening the gate to let the flow in and through you to serve the people you need to serve.

There’s a new game in town…

…and it’s time to start living your life and receive the flow you deserve.

Are you ready?

Register today.. and we’ll see you at our annual event FreshFlow™

Simon Hedley |
The Strategic Alchemist™

Helping YOU Spot THE Missing That Makes THE Difference™

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Once you register you’ll receive an email straight away with details of how to activate your space and get ready to be introduced to all our partners and members live on 9/9@9.


Meet Your Hosts & Sponsors / FreshFlow™ 9/9@9 will include amongst others..

Internet Millionaires Network

Freshflow is supported by the - helping ethical entrepreneurs impact and making millions through their network.

Simon Hedley

FreshFlow Founder

The Founder and primary global Host & Facilitator of FreshFlow™ is Simon Hedley. He is an award winning multi-dimensional savant with a successful track record in helping his friends, clients and partners spot the missing that makes the difference. Through FreshFlow™ - live on the day he’ll share some of his favourite projects and opportunities, including The Tools That Make The Difference™.

Are you ready to meet the man they call The Ultimate Connector™ and explore what's really possible for you?

The Global Cultural Club™

Freshflow is supported by the Global Cultural Club™ which celebrates & showcases the cultures of the world – Past, Present & Future.

Andrea Wilson

MD of White Stone

Working with creators to envision, brand and grow their businesses. MD of White Stone, previously McKinsey and WPP Group. LBS MBA.

Caroline King

Helping people find their voice.

Chris JB Lee

Digital Entrepreneur

Chris is based in Toronto, Canada and has a focus on helping entrepreneurs and visionaries strategically, systematically, and optimally grow their influence in the digital marketplace.

Chris Richards

The Hypno Coach

Chris empowers women who feel lost, fearful and held back, to completely shift the perceptions of themselves, obtain a renewed sense of purpose and develop unbeatable confidence and self-belief.

Christina Leong

Founder - Making Better Relationships™

Christina is focussed on relationships and she founded Making Better Relationships™. She's the co-author of Relationships Blueprint 101™ and The Future of Relationships.

Dominic Hughes

Game Changer

Jae Ruax

Founder - Fiena Group

Jae is the founder of the Fiena Group. Her focus is on helping contemporary pioneering women bring more magic, adventure and fun into their lives. She also runs a mastermind for female entrepreneurs.

Katherine Allen

Katherine is an incredible woman who has taught Tai Chi champions for decades, as well as Yoga, being an author and much much more.

Laila Edge

Founder - Systemic Growth™

Laila Edge is the co-founder of Systemic Growth™. After 20 years in and around technology, she can help people and companies achieve the results that they want. Through emotional intelligence, she bridges the gap and realises the true potential of People and Technology. She also founded Live To Love Everyday™ an applied personal development website, aiming to improve quality, productivity and purpose with curated tools, reviews and resources.

Naomi West

Founder - Hito

Naomi is a genius of many levels. She's the founder of Hito. Her current primary focus is Somatic Coaching - helping release discomfort and pain, when no other treatments have worked. Rebalancing the mind and body to unravel historic patterns of tension.

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FreshFlow™ Schedule Guidelines / What's On & When | Remember Expect Nothing & Experience Everything

VIP breakfast & early bird registration

It’s all about you, babe

You think… what?

Is the book the cover?

Creative break

Can a simple idea make the difference?

The tools that made the difference

Lunch, networking and the creativity challenge

What’s new with you now?

How to magnify what you do without being a ****?

Creativity break

What’s the new game?

What if you had a fairy godmother?

Who’s paying for dinner?

Joint Venture dinner

VIP celebration (VIPs & partners Only)

Event FAQS / find your answers

FreshFlow™ is a very private event, and while we will be recording the day, all information you receive is for your own use. There will be a simple release and NDA form to sign and return before your membership pass is activated. Please note all payments are non-refundable.

Publicly FreshFlow™ has three levels of access:

Membership Passes – These are available today for an early bird price, which will increase very soon.

VIP Passes – These are available in limited numbers, and designed for prospective partners or those really looking to amplify their experience. The VIP Passes include 1-1 consultations before, and after the event to help you optimise your experience and integrate your learnings and choices.

VIP Partner Passes – These are only available to existing partners.

FreshFlow may or may not be run again, and will definitely never be run again with the current line of extraordinary speakers, presenters, attendees and VIPs for such a low investment. Do what you can to attend.

Although some FreshFlow™ sessions will be recorded, not every session will be. If you don't want to miss out, do what you can to attend.
The best way is to call Simon Hedley directly on +44-844-556-4798. Please be patient, and we’ll come back as soon as we can. Please include your name, how you heard about FreshFlow™ and your question on the text.

Starting At Our Secret Location

The VIPs will be meeting in London at a secret location, that will only be shared with those fully registered and activated members in good standing who apply and Qualify for FreshFlow™.
There will be satellite events this year in other locations but they won’t have the full VIP experience.
If you want to know more..

Ask Simon X 🙂

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 FreshFlow™ Membership.
 Access to Pre-Event Resources and Checklists.
 Access to The LIVE Event Sessions 9am – 9pm (excluding VIP).
 Access to online member’s area with selected recordings of the sessions after the event (where possible) and other bonus resources.

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Once you register you’ll receive an email straight away with details of how to activate your space and get ready to be introduced to all our partners and members live on 9/9@9.


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