What are the terms of attendance?

FreshFlow™ is a very private event, and while we will be recording the day, all information you receive is for your own use. There will be a simple release and NDA form to sign and return before your membership pass is activated.

How often will FreshFlow be run?

FreshFlow may or may not be run again, and will definitely never be run again with the current line of extraordinary speakers, presenters, attendees and VIPs for such a low investment. Do what you can to attend.

Will FreshFlow™ be recorded?

Although some FreshFlow™ sessions will be recorded, not every session will be. If you don’t want to miss out, do what you can to attend.

I have a question. How can I get it answered?

The best way is to call Simon directly on +44-844-556-4798. Please be patient if, and the team will come back to you as soon as we can. Please include your name, how you heard about FreshFlow™ and your question on the message.